General Information

The event will be held in association with E.D.T Offshore company ( which they will provide one vessel from their fleet in order to ensure that games will implement all safety and security procedures as well as AIDA international standards. The official spot of the depth games will be located 2 miles from the beach, across venue hotel and on 150m depth. On the back side of the vessel there will be three competition lines with a counter ballast system each able to lift up a free diver up to the surface with a speed of 1m/1sec. Three high resolution sonar's will be operating on the vessel providing detailed real time information on the diver's progress.

On the side of vessel there will be six warm up lines up to 40m each. In each competition and warm up line there will be well trained and experience safety free divers. Safety scuba divers will be on surface as an additional safety backup. Athletes that wishing to have dry warm up will be able to do it on the main vessel.

Specialized rescue boat consists with first aid crew, experience previously with AIDA Cyprus Competitions, will be attached on the main vessel during all training and official competitions days. Oxygen support (O2) will be available for emergency cases and decompression O2 will be available on the dive location. In case of emergency situation during competition days an evacuation boat will be able to transfer free diver to the closet beach on 5min duration where an ambulance will be standby. Limassol General Hospital is located 10 mins from the beach.

Three inflatable boats 6m long each will be available to carry athletes, judges, and crew to the official games vessel.

Above set-up and organizing procedures have been use successfully to all previous AIDA CYPRUS annually depth competitions since 2006 as well as on Cyprus Depth Games 2014 organized by Free2dive Free diving School.

Expected Weather conditions for September 2015:

Usual sea conditions in Cyprus on September are favorable. Water temperature is expected to be between 24c and 28c with normally thermo cline below 20m -25m and visibility will be around 30m-35m. Also no strong sea currents are observe and wind speed is between 3bf after 13.00 p.m. Weather temperature runs between 28c-32c, usually clean and sunny days.