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Registration Fee: EUR160.00 per discipline up to              31st of May 2015 (This includes all usual costs such as: official training between the 11th-20th of September, doping tests, etc) 

Late Registration will be charged as follows:

EUR175.00 + paypal fees for online registrations up to 15th of July 2015

EUR190.00 + paypal fees for online registrations up to 31st of August 2015


All athletes have to present a medical certificate in English, not older than twelve months, which they will hand over on the registration day.

All athletes are require to sign and submit the following documents during registration day.

Documents (Samples)


Oxygen  use for decompression

Oxygen can be supply for decompression on all trainning days, for EUR10.00 per athlete. According to AIDA International Competition Rules 4.3.4: No athlete should be allowed to breath oxygen at depth unless they are a certified scuba diver and have an understanding of the risks of breathing oxygen at depth. All others should perform their post dive oxygen breathing at the surface.  Payment can be arrange during registration day. Athletes that are scuba divers must present their certification on registration.

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