AIDA 1 Star Freediver - Discover Freediving

For amateurs and for individuals that have a relationship with the sea but ignore or/and are not aware of the basic principles and techniques that are necessary for a proper dive. This stage introduces the individual to the equipment, breathing techniques, pressure equalization and safety measures as well as teaches techniques for the correct use of the fins and the diving techniques which will lead the way to a secure underwater adventure.

Dive depth: Up to 10m.
Includes: 3x sea diving. 2x Pool diving. 8 hours theory.


AIDA 2 Star Freediver - Open Water freediver

This school is best offered to the graduates of the "AIDA 1" school and people that are have not completed the "Stage 1" school but are very comfortable with being in the water. The subjects addressed in this school are technique, theoretical knowledge, practical safety, danger awareness, rescue, physiology, body positioning, static and dynamic apnea and fixed weight diving in the sea.

Dive depth: 16m-20m.
Static apnea: 2min.
Dynamic apnea: 40m.
Includes: 3x sea diving. 3x pool diving. 12 hours theory.


AIDA 3 Star Freediver - Intermediate freediver

"AIDA 2" school graduates. Includes advanced pressure equalization techniques, the dangers of increasing and decreasing pressure and how they can be avoided, physiology, diving reflex development, advanced rescue and altering weight diving. This stage also includes training sessions, diet, competitive events and relaxation practices.

Dive depth: 24m-30m.
Static apnea: 2mins 45sec.
Dynamic apnea: 55m.
Includes: 4x sea diving. 4x pool diving. 20 hours theory


AIDA 4 Star Freediver - Advanced freediver

It aims "AIDA 3" level graduates. It includes physics and physiology in free diving, decompression disease and nitrogen narcosis, depth equation failure, lung hyperinflation and pumping (and the pertaining dangers), diet, spirometry test with or without lung hyperinflation, training, rescue techniques and dives with alternate weights. After concluding the fourth level, the trainee becomes an AIDA International instructor assistant.. 

Dive depth: 32m-40m.
Static apnea: 3mins 30sec.
Dynamic apnea: 70m.
Includes: 4x sea dive. 4x pool dive. 20 hours theory.


AIDA freediver instructor

The AIDA Freediving Instructor Course is a very intensive course and is usually run over a 9 to 14 day period and involves nearly 40 hours of instruction! You will have to prove your endurance and be able to comfortably dive to 40 meters and hold your breath for over 4 minutes.


Rescue School

Suitable for everyone, regardless of being a certified freediver or not. Consists of 2 theory lessons, 1 visit at the pool and 1 visit to the sea. This school is only considered with the subjects of safety. The school concerns itself with rescue techniques for static and dynamic apnea and response to dangerous situations that can arise while at sea, as well as practice of CPR.